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Dedicated to SS. Salvatore, it was built on Count Ruggero’s wishes between 1088 and 1093, in the place where, legend has it, that a grave danger occurred during the conquest of the city, but it is more likely that it is on the place where the mosque-cathedral was. Restored and renovated over the course of the centuries, today it has a baroque appearance. From the original Normans church remain parts of the walls of the transept and the external structure of the apse, with inserted blind arches. On the façade, there is a baroque doorway with a sixteenth century high-relief above it, depicting Count Ruggero on his horse as he tramples on a Muslim. Particularly  interesting is the interior with a nave and two side aisles a triumph of decoration and works of art; from Hellenistic sarcophaguses, to works by Domenico and Antonello Gagini, and paintings by Giambecchina.

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