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Cortile Mercè Residence


appartamenti per vacanza

Located in the historic centre of Trapani just a few steps from the port, our guest house has been serves as a guest house, bed & breakfast and hotel.
The courtyard which gives the guest house its name is our pride and joy: with its original arabesque structure intertwined with ancient local architectural elements.

Indirizzo Struttura Via Mercè, 40 - 91100 Trapani
Telefono 0923547882
Fax 0923547882
Email cortilemerce@virgilio.it
Indirizzo Web www.cortilemerce.it
Prezzo monolocale Min 25,00
Prezzo monolocale Max 125,00
Prezzo bilocale Min 25,00
Prezzo bilocale Max 125,00
Prezzo trilocale Min 25,00
Prezzo trilocale Max 225,00
Num. monolocali 4
Num. bilocali 3
Num. trilocali 2
Num. totale appartamenti 9
Num. totale posti letto 21
Num. Strutture con TV 9
Num. strutture con cucina in vano distinto 8
Aria condizionataRiscaldamento autonomo