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Casa Trapanese



Freshly rebuilt structure, characterized by the unmistakable style and the warm welcome from our own, casa Trapani thus provides accommodation which proposed central location and the value price, seem to promise convenient and comfortable stay to visitors from everywhere and of every age. The choice of name, the latter an apparent obvious name for it aims to encompass the essence of the historical and cultural city of Trapani and, not surprisingly, the structure is an element in the most ancient and picturesque city, between the characteristics , small-featured Arab streets.

Indirizzo Struttura Via Orfani, 38
Cittą Trapani
CAP 91100
Telefono 0923873926
Fax 0923544280
Email info@casatrapanese.com
Indirizzo web www.casatrapanese.com
Camera singola (Bagno) Min 40,00
Camera singola (Bagno) Max 70,00
Camera doppia (Bagno) Min 50,00
Camera doppia (Bagno) Max 80.00
Num. camere singole 1
Num. camere doppie 5