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Parco degli aromi -Resort & Benessere



The Wellness Resort Parco degli Aromi is located on a privileged spot in a 40,000 m2 park few kilometres away from Erice Peak.
A typical Mediterranean oasis surrounds our Hotel, which lies in the territory of the town of Valderice and offers a marvellous view of Mount Cofano and the coasts near Bonagia and Trapani. Sicily’s magnificent nature and its blue, crystal-clear sea create an atmosphere of calm and peace which will embrace you in its unforgettable colours and scents.

Indirizzo Struttura Contrada Peraino - 91019 Valderice
Telefono 0923/592611
Fax 0923/592354
Email info@parcodegliaromi.it
Indirizzo Web www.parcodegliaromi.it/
Num. Camere doppie 13
Num. Camere singole 5
Prezzo Suite n. 14 suite