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Town Park

This well looked after, public garden, planned in 1974 by the architect Sebastiano Maltese and completed in 1984, looks out onto the surrounding green countryside, characterised by olive trees and vines which, in summer also has luxurious cultivations of wheat and muskmelon.
Of the ornamental plants in the park there are some in particular worth noting: a cedar which is known as the albero delle streghe (witches’ tree) due to the shape of its branches, two cypresses which seem to be embracing each other, called innamorati (lovers), a weeping willow situated at the end of the “lovers” avenue whose branches seem to represent a woman’s tears.
The Villa holds the war memorial with a sculpture by Vincenzo Scalabrino (1984) through which the town makes homage to the victims of the two World Wars, and there are also some works in Custonaci botticino marble by contemporary artists including Mariano Cassarà and Salvatore Galante.

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