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Scorace Wood

An important European Community site (SCI)  due to the biodiversity of the species of animals and vegetation. It  covers  750 hectares of a majestic hill about 11 km from Buseto Palizzolo and has a remaining strip historic wood of Quercus suber which represents an ecological niche of extraordinary botanic value. Here, among the Mediterranean shrubs, pines, cypresses, oaks and eucalyptus trees thrive with the prevalence of Quercus suber, some particular species of mushrooms including the Amanita Caesareo, which the Romans called “food of the Gods” due to its delicious flavour.
The wood whose name comes from the term Arcu d’Aci, initially referring to an Arab hamlet and then to a barony, was originally exclusively composed of cork oak, most of which were cut down in the post-war period: later, the Corpo Forestale undertook reforestation work favouring the planting of conifers and eucalyptus.
This habitat is home to a fauna made up of  wild boar, rabbits, hares, hedgehogs and, in the higher, thicker parts of the wood, small rodents. In the eastern part, where there is a prevalence of oak, the undergrowth thrives and the cistus abounds. The shrubs present in the wood include the strawberry tree, blueberry, blackthorn, hawthorn, broom, butcher’s broom, and myrtle. The wood is ideal for relaxing walks and pleasant stops. The pathways, looked after like the rest of the wood by the Corpo Forestale (forestry corps), lead to picnic areas complete with rustic benches and tables, cooking areas, slides and swings and see-saws for children, plus a hillside lake.  From the top of the hill, 646 metres above sea level, there is a suggestive view of Bruca, a town hamlet of Buseto Palizzolo, the archaeological area of Segesta with its amphetheatre on the summit of Mount Barbaro and its splendid Doric temple,  Mounts Inici and Sparagio and Montagna Grande, and also the magnificent Gulf of Castellammare.

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