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  • Ancient village of “Lu Burgu”
  • Ancient village of “Lu Burgu”
Ancient village of “Lu Burgu”

The medieval quarter Borgo, in local dialect lu burgu, the original inhabited part of the town, is a suggestive open air museum with the network of narrow roads, blind alleys and courtyards with little houses along the cobbled pavements or stairways. Today the area is uninhabited and the inhabitants have moved to a more modern quarter. Every now and again, at Christmas time the area is reanimated with a live nativity scene. Illuminated by torches, it is the backdrop for the Nativity representations in which the actors are real craftsmen, farmers and housewives in activity. During the event, freshly prepared cous cous, maccarruna (macaroni), pani cunzatu (bread with oil, anchovies and cheese) ricotta cheese and zabbina (ricotta and whey) can be tasted.

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