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  • Civic museum
Civic museum

The small museum holds works of extraordinary archaeological, historical and artistic value. Here, exhibited with dignity is the l’Efebo di Selinunte, one of the most important discoveries in the archaeological sphere, and one of the few original Greek artefacts, returned to Castelvetrano after it was stolen in 1962 and the later exhibition in the Archaeological Museum of Palermo. It is a bronze sculpture 85cm high, dating back to the first half of the V century B.C., with clearly local characters. Also to be admired here is a fine collection of  ceramics from Attica and also Corinthian ceramics, a , a marvellous bowl of red figures with Sileni (Greek mythological figures), coins, bronzes and a leaden plate.
The museum also holds works from disused churches including the interesting alabaster statue of the Vergine col Bambino- Virgin with baby, attributed to the workshop of Francesco Laurana (1467).

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