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Municipal library

The library includes a collection of books, newspapers and the archives, and is an important cultural centre for the town. It has a total 47456 documents  with special fondi (donated books)  which the Archivio Storico Comunale - Historic Town Archive is part of  with the council registers, from 1820 to today;  The Sen. Pietro Grammatico Archive contains documents and papers on the Cooperazione italiana – Italian Cooperation and on the Movimento contadino – Farmers’ Movement; The Sardo di Fontanacoperta archive had registers of the noble Greek-Albanian families of  Mezzojuso from XVI to the XIX century. The sections include Fondo Megale and the Museo del Fumetto-Comicbook Museum. 
There is also an interesting section; a small museum of prehistory with relics found in the territory  dating from the mid upper Palaeolithic age to medieval times. 

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