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Albergo Ristorante Saverino



The hotel restaurant Saverino rises along the fascinating shore between Erice and San Vito Lo Capo, in the suggestive bay of Bonagia; directily managed by the Saverino family, what of it is the owner, it is a delicious hotel built in 1997, in shore to the sea and in modern Mediterranean style.

The hotel kitchen has a good reputation, as the restaurant from more than thirty years it is the aim of tourist in visit in the province of Trapani and also for the resident.

Indirizzo Struttura via lungomare, 3 Bonagia - Valderice
Citta' Valderice
CAP 91019
Telefono 0923/592727
Fax 0923592388
Email info@saverino.it
Indirizzo Web www.saverino.it
Pens. compl. x persona x giorno (Bagno) Min 79,00
Pens. compl. x persona x giorno (Bagno) Max 113,00
1/2 Pens. x persona x giorno (Bagno) Min 64,00
1/2 Pens. x persona x giorno (Bagno) Max 98,00
Camera singola (Bagno) Min 61,00
Camera singola (Bagno) Max 75,00
Camera doppia (Bagno) Min 82,00
Camera doppia (Bagno) Max 110,00
Num. Camere singole con bagno 1
Num. Camere doppie con bagno 19
Prezzo fisso colazione 7,00
Prezzo fisso pranzo 18,00
Prezzo fisso cena 18,00
Supplemento aggiunta letto giornaliero 35%
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