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The Apollo Terraces are situated on the coast of the Mediterranean sea where is the ancient Greek archaeological site of Selinunte, one of the most important colonies in Sicily for its magnificent temples and ruins. They are so called because of the close view of the Greek Temple of Apollo.

The location of the flats is within walking distance from the beach and the sea.

The Apollo terraces are located in the maritime village of Marinella di Selinunte just a few minutes from the center, only 200 metres from the shops, the chemist’s, the bank, the fish market and the entrance to the archaeological site.

They are only 1 km from Belice Nature Oriented Reserve where some interesting birds’ species live and an interesting flora too ( dwarf palms,….. ). It is in that reserve that the rare turtles named “caretta caretta” reproduce.

On request, it is possibile to organize fishing tours or boat trips towards the Aegadian Islands, the beautiful Motya island or the salt pans located in Marsala. They all can easily reached by private means of transport.


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