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alloggi agrituristici

Located between Alcamo and Camporeale, in the heart of the Alcamo D.O.C. hills, is the Tarantola Farmhouse of the Testa Counts, surrounded by the green of its vineyards producing the Gorgo del Drago Inzolia-Chardonnay wines, and the new line of products of the Testa Counts including the Cabernet-Syrah. Among the several cultivations, vegetables, olive oil, wheat, and yellow and green melons are outstanding. In the last four years, several variety conversions have been made both to satisfy the market, increasingly researching quality grapes, and also to diversify the farm's wines. New plants for the production of Cabernet, Syrah, Chardonnay and Nero D'Avola are already operative.

Indirizzo Struttura C.da Tarantola
Citta' Alcamo
CAP 91011
Telefono 329/2713073 347/3396481
Email gorgodeldrago@tiscali.it
Indirizzo web www.gorgodeldrago.it
Riferimenti S.c.i.a. no