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Finazzo Camillo


alloggi agrituristici

The renowned "Camillo" Farm is 200 metres above sea level, at the slopes of Mount Sparagio, in the neighbourhood of the Castle of Baida, 5 km from the sea, on an hill overlooking the valley that stretches till the wonderful bay of Guidaloca, with transparent and uncontaminated waters and it's placed in the peace of trees in Castellammare del Golfo.
The farm, with its own accomodations, is steeped in silence, and gives you a singular dimension of relax and welfare so its central position as regards a wide area with evidences of ancient civilazations, becomes the ideal places for excursions and cultural trips...

Indirizzo Struttura Contrada Molinazzo - Castello di Baida
Citta' Castellammare del Golfo
CAP 91014
Telefono 0924/38051 - 333/7281266
Fax 0924/38051
Email agriturcamillo@libero.it
Riferimenti S.c.i.a. no