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Villa del Bosco


bed and breakfast

Villa del bosco is an organic farm located in western Sicily.

We can give hospitality up to 4 people, the bathrooms are sheared.

The farm,  15 hectares extended, is 3 km far from the small town of Calatafimi-Segesta and it is just 3 km at eastward from the ancient  town of Segesta. You can see the ancient town and the theatre looking at the window of many rooms. At the border of the farm there is the wood of Angimbè whose origin is probably Arab: the place is beatifull and antouched. To road to reach the farm is not good, it is better to avoid flat ...

Indirizzo Struttura Contrada Bosco - Marzuco s.n.
CAP 91013
Citta' Calatafimi Segesta
Telefono 092436649 330849216
Email degaeta@neomedia.it
Num. camere singole 2
Num. camere doppie 1
Num. totale camere 3
Num. Camere con Bagni comuni 1