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  • Port

The port is made up of the castle jetty to the east, internally banked, equipped with mooring rings, north of the offshore pier and banked on the south side by a quay of 130 metres. From Pre-Hellenic times it was the main port of the Elymian cities of Erice e Segesta, later appreciated by the Phoenicians and the Romans; between the XV and XVIII centuries it went back to being one of the most important ports for the loading of grain produced inland and destined for exportation. Today it is used by small fishing boats and pleasure crafts for which there are some floating jetties
In summer its bars and restaurants make it the night life centre of the town.
Museo del mare- Museum of the sea
In an old house behind the port is the small, privately managed Museo del Mare, which holds marine equipment from Castellammare, and the Tonnaras (tuna warehouses), once numerous in the golf. The guided visit with the owner who is a mine of information might be a nice way to end a walk around the port.

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