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  • Castle
  • Castello, spiral stairway
  • Castello, spiral stairway

Situated on a small headland, the castle of Arab origin (IX century), enlarged in Norman and Swabian times, was the most important fortress of Western Sicily. Rebuilt in the present trapezoidal layout by the Aragonese, it was a walled stronghold, well defended from attacks, separated from the village by a drawbridge. The spiral stairway from medieval times inside a circular keep of great suggestion as is the door with architraves with late gothic decorative patterns. The still existing tower said to be for the artillerymen  dates back to 1537.
Today the castle holds an interesting museum divided into sections: The Tonnara, underwater archaeology, production activity of the area, Castellamare on set.
The Annalisa Buccellato Museum is also located in the castle, created by the Foundation of the same name, it holds ethno-anthropological  artefacts showing various aspects of Sicilian civilisation. 

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