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  • Scopello, tuna warehouse
  • Scopello, tuna warehouse

Tonnara (Tuna warehouse) of Scopello (Marfaraggio of the tonnara)
It is said that the Arabs, once the mythical Cetaria was destroyed, reconstructed the tonnara (tuna warehouse) and increased its activity. After being state owned public property, in 1442 it was sold to a private owner and in the century, thanks to the Jesuits, it was reconstructed and given a church. The original structure, a marfaraggio, a storehouse for the deposit of boats and equipment, dates back to the  XIII century. The fishing net system was in the sea until  the early nineteen eighties. 
The Doria Tower, located on the small headland (XVI century), and the other embedded on a rugged rock (XIII century), protected the tonnara and lowered the risk of danger from pirates

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