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  • Procession of Saint Joseph
  • Loaves of Saint Joseph
  • Marettimo,Adduminaria

On Marettimo, between the 18th and the 19th of March, one can see the celebrations in honour of San Giuseppe, patron saint of the village. During the days before, the inhabitants set up small altars inside their houses and the island fills with followers and visitors. During the first day, three bonfires representing the Sacred Family are lit (the Adduminaria rite). The streets of the village become animated with music bands, while other rites take place (like that of the Alloggiate, which recalls Jesus, Mary and Joseph’s search for shelter). On the 19th of March a meal takes place in the square, the preparation of which involves the whole village: it is set up on a stage and it hosts three characters representing the Sacred Family. On this occasion, typical desserts are made, like the cubbaita and cassatelle. In the afternoon the simulacrum of the Saint is carried in a procession. The saint is also celebrated on Levanzo and Favignana; with less sumptuousness than on Marettimo, processions and the distribution of characteristic bread is organised.

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