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  • Nubia Tower
  • Nubia Tower
  • Nubia Tower
  • Nubia Tower
Nubia Tower

The watch tower was built in the XVI century and restructured 1585 by the architect Camillo Camilliani who included it in the defence system of the Sicilian coast, wanted by the Spanish government integrating some pre-existing towers. In the event of danger, the guardsmen had to sound the brogna (a type of shell) and use smoke and fire to warn the other towers and the inland inhabitants of the approaching danger. Still today the elderly Sicilians remember the cry of help: Mamma, li turchi, with which they identified the barbarians or pirates. The view goes from the tower of the Colombaia of Trapani, in the north, to the tower of  Marausa, towards the south. In the distance the silhouettes of the three Egadi islands Favignana, Levanzo e Marettimo can be seen.

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