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  • Church of San Nicoḷ da Tolentino
  • Church of San Nicoḷ da Tolentino
Church of San Nicoḷ da Tolentino

The church, although in a precarious present state of conservation, and with no roof, still conserves in the altar dedicated to San Tommaso da Villanova, a fine frame in stucco in which are represented in original “small theatres” episodes from the life of the Saint. The singular work was made by the sculptor from Mazara, Silvestre Ratto who put his signature and the date 1665, next to the steps of the chapel. Works from this church are now kept in the church of the Madonna delle Grazie (XVI-XVII centuries) in viale Regina Elena
In the arms room of the Grifeo castle there are exhibited seventeenth century paintings belonging to this church.

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