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  • Piazza Dittatura
  • Piazza Dittatura
Piazza Dittatura

The name of the square commemorates the proclamation of the dictatorship by Garibaldi who here on the 14th of May 1860, on invitation by the Decurionato di Salemi, he claimed it in the name of  Vittorio Emanuele King of Italy. Landing on the 11th of May in Marsala the hero occupied Salemi two days later where he was well received and where he planted the tricolour flag in the highest part of the town; finally, before sunrise on the 15th, he  headed towards Calatafimi where today there is the ossuary of  Pianto Romano in memory of those who fell in the glorious battle. The decree of the dictatorship ( Decreto Numero 1 della Raccolta lex – Leggi Italiane - Decree Number 1 of the ex collection- Itaian laws) is rewritten in the walled plaque in the entrance hall of the Town Hall.

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