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Baglio Fontana


alloggi agrituristici

The holiday farm baglio Fontana is located in the heart of the Sicilian country, among Trapani, Erice and San Vito Lo Capo, in the centre of the old country, which during the XII century took its name from Busith hamlet (Nowadays Buseto Palizzolo) An intelligent work of conservation preserved it by the decadence, assuring the maintaining of the structure and the continuation of the traditions and the pastoral and peasant culture. Thirteen rooms of different typology, characterized by a typical architecture, give to our guests the possibility to live a relaxing stay in contact with nature and tradition, in a structure equipped with sports facilities (such as the swimming pool) and a luxuriant park rich of secular trees.

Indirizzo Struttura Via Palermo, 1
Citta' Buseto Palizzolo
CAP 91012
Telefono 0923/855000 - 328/7422901 - 360/870713
Email info@bagliofontana.it
Indirizzo web www.bagliofontana.it/