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Palazzo d’Alì

The ancient Drepanon in the shape of a sickle extends towards the sea, the main source of life for the fishing activity and for the tourist-commercial port (once a source of richness with the coral fishing). Passing through the historic centre, one can read the signs of the various cultural stratifications, from the oldest quarter, Casalicchio, to the Jewish quarter of Giudecca, to the medieval ruins of the Castello di Terra – Land Castle, to the Castello di Mare – Castle of the sea, or of the Colombaia. In the main street, palazzo Senatorio, and palazzo Riccio di San Gioacchino are splendid. The Church of Purgatory which holds the Misteri (twenty sculptural groups depicting the Passion of Christ), and Church of the Collegio are interesting. Not far away from the historic centre is the Sanctuary of the Annunziata and the Pepoli Museum, which holds precious jewels of art. South of the city, the Salt Pans are a unique environmental site from where the Salt Road itinerary begins.

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Events Ottobre 2018

From october 13, 2018 to april 13, 2019
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City: Trapani
From october 19, 2018 to october 28, 2018
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City: Trapani
From september 30, 2018 to december 28, 2018
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City: Trapani
From october 21, 2018 to june 7, 2019
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City: Trapani

The beauties di (en)Trapani

Fishing boat port Trapani
Fishing Port
Originally there were two ports, one in the north, the other, of a lager tonnage in the south....
Museum Pepoli Trapani
The Regional Museum “Pepoli” is a prestigious institution located in the ex-monastery of the...
Sanctuary, Madonna of Trapani Trapani
Sanctuary of the Annunziata
Built in the first half of the 14th century by the Carmelite fathers. In the 18th century it...
Santa Maria del Soccorso Church Trapani
Church of S. Maria del Soccorso
Built in 536 A.D. and dedicated to Saint Sofia of Greek Orthodox faith. It was enlarged in the...
Clock tower and Oscura Gate Trapani
Oscura gate and Clock Tower
This is the oldest entrance to the city; the only one of the four entrances that reaches the...
Sant’Agostino Church Trapani
S. Agostino Church
Dedicated to Saint John the Baptist by the Templars. In 1313 Frederick III of Aragon bestowed it...
San Liberale Church Trapani
Church of S. Liberale
Built by the fishermen of Trapani around 1600 and made of coral, it was a votive offering to the...
Piazza Saturno Trapani
Fountain of Saturn
Originally built in 1342 by the will of the noble family Chiaramonte and one of the first...

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