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Church of S.Pietro

  • S. Pietro Church
S. Pietro Church

Of early Christian origins, it was reconstructed in 1076 by the Earl Ruggiero d’Altavilla. In this church, after the disappearance of the Sicilian Vespers, Peter of Aragon swore to maintain the merits of the city. In 1535, Charles the fifth offered the city the banner, taken away from the Turkish army during the Tunisian campaign. It was rebuilt in 1775 using the plans of Giovan Biagio Amico. It has a Basilica style order with a nave and four aisles. Inside the church, the organ, made between 1836 and 1847 by Francesco La Grassa of Palermo, is considered unique because it has seven key boards and an ingenious mechanism that unites them. It has been recently restored and can be played by three organists at the same time.

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