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S. Agostino Church

  • Sant’Agostino Church
Sant’Agostino Church

Dedicated to Saint John the Baptist by the Templars. In 1313 Frederick III of Aragon bestowed it to the Augustine fathers who rebuilt it according to Gothic Sicilian standards. It was heavily damaged during the Second Word War. It’s hut like façade whit a splayed portal contains multiple lintels and a rose window whit interwoven arches, hollowed out and chiselled in stone from the quarries of Pietretagliate, from where some mullions begin, meeting in the central Agnus Dei. It had a polygonal apse inside the church covered with wooden trusses with painted tablets (droleries) displaying grotesque and allegoric figures that derive from the miniaturist Medieval repertoire, which in part is kept at the Pepoli Museum today.

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