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Church and Monastery of St. Francis of Assisi

Church and monastery of San Francesco d’Assisi

Rebuilt in the sixteenth century on the site of the church founded in 1272 by the Franciscan friar Angelo da Rieti and completed in 1672 by the architect Bonaventura Certo. Internally, a Latin cross scheme is used with a single nave and side chapels and transepts. Its style in classical and Renaissance. Plaster statues of the Franciscan order are works of Cristoforo Milanti (17th century). The painting of the “Madonna di Trapani” by Domenico La Bruna (18th century), the wooden crucifix by Leonardo Milanti (1661) and the statue of Saint Anthony of Padova by Pietro Orlando (18th century) are on display. Next to it is the convent displaying a beautiful portal by Giovan Biagio Amico (18th century).

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