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Church of S. Maria del Soccorso

  • Santa Maria del Soccorso Church
  • Santa Maria del Soccorso Church
Santa Maria del Soccorso Church

Built in 536 A.D. and dedicated to Saint Sofia of Greek Orthodox faith. It was enlarged in the fifteenth century. G.B. Amico is credited with the realization of the altar. The façade has a classic style portal with a niche that rises over it with a statue of the “Madonna del Soccorso”, work of the Cristoforo Milanti (1670). Inside the church is decorated with multicoloured marble in pure Sicilian Baroque style. The main altar in Empire style is the work of Federico Siracusa of Trapani. Two canvasses, works of Andrea Carreca (17th century), depict the raptures of Saint Catherine and Saint Thomas Aquinas.

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