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  • De Ballis Tower
  • De Ballis Tower
De Ballis Tower

The imposing and austere quadrangular tower of palazzo de Ballis is an extraordinary example of 14th century architecture with clear references to the solutions of Matteo Carnalivari from Palermo. In the elegant supporting frame, battlements can be seen; Catalan echoes can be noted in the triple  lancet window inserted into a rounded arch. Giovanni de Ballis had the tower built after a rich wedding, probably to a plan by Pietro Oddo from Monreale, “special maestro of ‘musia et di morari’ (mosaics and constructions). On the western edge is the family coat of arms while at the back there is a twin lancet window. The De Ballis family, originally from Bologna, moved to Alcamo in the XV century with Ballo De Ballis.

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