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The youth of Mothia


475-450 BC.
Mothia, G. Whitaker Archaeological Museum,
Coarse-grained white marble with crystalline granules, probably from the east Grece. Traces of polychrome paint. The feet and arms are missing, tough part of the left hand is there. The head has been rejoined.
A man stands with his weight on his left leg and his right foot forward with leg slightly bent. He wears a long chiton with ample folds, girdled high on the chest with a broad horizontal sash with two holes where an ornament was affixed. The head is pierced with a number of holes for the attachment of a head covering made of some other material. The forehead and nape of the neck are covered with a single row of curls. From the way the shoulder muscles are carved it is possible to divine the position of the arms: the right arm was stretched forward, while the left was bent at the elbow: the left hand can be seen resting on the hip.

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