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  • Villa Cavallotti
  • Villa Cavallotti
Villa Cavallotti

The garden was realized in 1895 following the decision of the town council administration to fill the ditch which was next to the walls of the medieval city. The original design for the park, dedicated to Felice Cavallotti, patriot and follower of Garibaldi, is by maestro Giuseppe Grosso who planned a rectangular layout on two levels: a higher level which is part of the San Francesco bastion and an inferior one coming from the filling of the ditch. The style of the park is nineteenth century and, its expression can be traced to a society in profound evolution and at the same time bound to cultural values of the past. It presents characteristics similar to giardini da passeggio – promenade gardens which have a regular design of the external perimeter, inside which the pathways – straight or curved – open onto circular or square spaces bordered by large plants like the Ficus elastica or magnoloides.

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