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  • Palazzo VII Aprile
  • Palazzo VII Aprile
Palazzo VII Aprile

The palace which was the seat of the Jurors was built in 1576  on the site of the ancient loggia of the Pisani, which is why the space in front is commonly called “piazza Loggia” by the people from Marsala. It was completed in the mid XVIII century with the realization of the façade by the architect Giuseppe Moccia, it has strong Palladian influences in the two levels of porticoes, characterised by a serliana pattern. The inside, notably slender sector rises into a tower where there is a clock and on the top there is a quadrangular room with open arches.

After 1860 the name loggia was changed to VII Aprile  in memory of the popular insurrection against the bourbon government on the 7th of April 1860, a few days before the Landing of The Thousand..

Today the local council hold meetings in the building.

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