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  • Church of Purgatorio (Purgatory)
  • Church of Purgatorio
Church of Purgatorio

The present layout of the church dates back to the reconstruction carried out between the second half of the XVII century and the beginning of the XVIII, by the  Congregazione delle Anime del Purgatorio who, already in 1601 had taken over in the pre-existing church of the XVI century, dedicated to the Saints Fabiano and Sebastiano. The baroque façade, decorated with powerful twisted towers, is from 1701. Recent excavations along the foundations of the church have brought to light wall structures of a sacred building dating back to the proto Byzantine époque. 

The interior layout is a basilica plan type with a single nave and two side aisles. The apse and the vaults of the nave and the transept are decorated with frescoes (XVII-XVIII century), mixed with fine stuccoes. Today is the seat of the Auditorium of Santa Cecilia.

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