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E. Sollima Theatre

Founded in 1817 on the wishes of Giovanni Nuccio, it functioned until 1826, the year the owner died and who in his will requested its closure. In 1840 it was bought by the town council who destined it for use as a music centre; restructured 1880 to the plans of Antonio Tumbarello, it assumed a neoclassic appearence, which was the fashion of the time for theatres. The internal decoration was entrusted to the Florentine painter Tito Covoni. In the post-war period, it was seat of political debates for the election of the first republican parliament. In 1952 it ceased to function and after the 1968 earthquake it was declared inaccessible. Restored, in 1994 it went back to its original function, concerts, and prose performances are held here.

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