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  • Mother Church
  • Mother Church
Mother Church

The Mother Church was built in 1628 on the site of a pre-existing Norman church presumably dedicated to Saint Thomas Becket, bishop of Canterbury. The façade has mannerist-Baroque characteristics on the first level, divided by  twin columns and  robust pilasters; the fine main doorway is of late baroque style. The higher level, completed in 1956, holds two statues of great decorative effect, of i Santi Giovanni Battista,Tommaso Becket - the Saints John the Baptist and Thomas Becket (to the left of the large window), Leone Magno and Gregorio Magno (on the right).

The expansive interior, in the basilica plan type with a transept and high cupola, is divided into a large nave and two large side aisles with two rows of marble columns.

Among the many fine works particular attention must be given to the marble statue of San Tommaso, a masterpiece by Antonello Gagini, la Madonna del Popolo by Domenico Gagini,   marble icon from the chapel of SS.Sacramento, by Bartolomeo Berrettaro and Antonello Gagini, the painting by Antonello Riccio depicting the la Presentazione al tempio - Presentation to the temple.

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