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Monumenti E Musei a (en) Trapani

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Bastion of Sant’Anna Bastion of S.Anna or Imperiale
In the sixteenth century, Viceroy Pignatelli carried out the realization of a plan to strengthen...
City: Trapani
Porta delle Botteghelle Botteghelle gate
At  the end of the thirteenth century James II of Aragon wanted to expand the city and had...
City: Trapani
Casina delle Palme CASINA DELLE PALME
Realized from the plans of the engineer Francesco La Grassa in 1927, it is one the best known...
City: Trapani
Church and Monastery of S. Maria dell’Itria Church and Monastery of S.Maria of Itria
The Augustinian Friars obtained it in 1613 from the confraternity of  Saint Mary of ...
City: Trapani
Church and monastery of San Francesco d’Assisi Church and Monastery of St. Francis of Assisi
Rebuilt in the sixteenth century on the site of the church founded in 1272 by the Franciscan...
City: Trapani
San Liberale Church Church of S. Liberale
Built by the fishermen of Trapani around 1600 and made of coral, it was a votive offering to the...
City: Trapani
Church of Santa Maria del Gesù Church of S.Maria del Gesù
It is one of  the most significant churches of  the city. It was realized in the first...
City: Trapani
Church and monastery of S. Domenico Church of S. Domenico
A church that dates back to the thirteenth century, rising on the only hill of the city and was...
City: Trapani
Santa Maria del Soccorso Church Church of S. Maria del Soccorso
Built in 536 A.D. and dedicated to Saint Sofia of Greek Orthodox faith. It was enlarged in the...
City: Trapani
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