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In an exclusive context, you will find Azzoli Apart Hotel: a hotel intrinsically wrapped in authentic Trapani art, making it its greatest value. Azzoli Apart Hotel stands on the historical foundations of the deconsecrated church of San Matteo. Seat of such strong cultural roots that they represented an emotional spark for the rediscovery and enhancement of the building: Azzoli is the fulcrum of innovation, but with scrupulous attention to the culture from which it comes. In fact, the cherubs and the prestigious sculptural decorations, dress the whole building like a cloak of splendid art.  Iron runs along the skeleton of the building, while gold enhances its features, in an innovative design with a refined style. Moreover, the care and quality of the services offered make it the ideal place to immerse yourself completely in a sensorial and cultural experience. Trapani the windy city, Trapani the ancient city. Here was where Aeolus was born and where the Goddess Ceres, in search of her daughter Proserpina, threw down her scythe on which the city was born. This is Trapani: a sponge soaked in history, ready to transmit it to those who will be able to contemplate it with respect and admiration. From the Castle of Venus to the temples of Segesta, from the Phoenician ruins of Mozia to the ancient salt pans with their windmills, similar to timeless giants, everything lies on a territory overlooking the indigo coloured Mediterranean sea. Azzoli Apartments & Skypool is located in this magical circle, just one step away from history and myth. A bouquet of exclusive services to enjoy your holiday wrapped in the pure Sicilian warmth.

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