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  • Church and College of Jesus
  • Church and College of Jesus
  • Church and College of Jesus
Church and College of Jesus

The scenic façade of the church of the Collegio dei Gesuiti (1684-1767), built according to the plan by the architect of the order Dazio Agliata, dominates the square with its neat architectural interplay of pilasters and mouldings. In its five niches, are the statues of Sant'Ignazio di Loyola, San Francesco Saverio, the Madonna dei Miracoli- Madonna of Miracles, and underneath, the archangels Raffaele and Michele. Two small belltowers with cusps and a sinuous crowning complete the picturesque composition. The inside, a single nave with a large transept is livened up by polychrome seventeenth century stuccoes and holds paintings from the novellesca school and a theatrical Circumcision by Giuseppe Renda from Alcamo (1797).

Attached to the church are the buildings of the ex-monastery.

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