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  • Rampinzeri Castle
Rampinzeri Castle

The so-called Rampinzeri Castle is an ancient seventeenth century baglio (rural fortified structure) trasformed in  the course of the XVIII and XIX, centuries until it assumed the appearance of a small Neogothic castle. It rises in the stronghold of the same name, owned by Giardina Bellacera and then by the De Stefani family who still own it today.
The name Rampinzeri, a consonatic mutation of Rabinseri has Arabic etymological origins: the root rahal indicates hamlet, possibly the hamlet of the Angari, from the name of an African tribe which ruled the area.
The baglio has two courtyards, one internal smaller one and one external larger one in which there is a small, Neogothic church. On the 17 the of August 1937 it played host to king Vittorio Emanuele III , his son Umberto, Amedeo D’Aosta  and Mussolini.

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