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Orestiadi Foundation
The prestigious Fondazione Orestiadi has, since 1991, realized and produced cultural events of international importance, in the sectors of theatre, visual arts, music and poetry and it organises the Orestiadi, an annual prose, music and art review, which takes its name from the Orestea trilogy by Eschilo, rewritten and reinterpreted by Emilio Isgrò, with the set design by Arnaldo Pomodoro, shown in 1983 amongst the ruins of the ancient square of Gibellina. Photographic and ethno- anthropological exhibitions, conferences on the problems of the territory, cinema, music and poetry reviews, seminars, round tables and study days are also organised. From December to April in the Auditorium of the Civic Museum the review Gibellina d’inverno – Gibellina in winter takes place with theatre and music productions while Cinema sotto le stelle – Cinema under the stars, and Gibellina jazz, animate the summer evenings in the open air.

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