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  • Tapestry Museum
  • Tapestry Museum
Tapestry Museum

In the museum there are eight magnificent Flemish tapestries, donated to the Mother Church in 1589 by Mons. Antonio Lombardo who had probably received them as a gift from the Queen of Spain.

 The tapestries were made with an elegant threading of wool and silk, finely coloured and in a vertical wool warp, by the tapestry maker from Brussels Cornelis Tons who was active between 1550 and 1575. They are from cartoons by the Flemish painter Peter De Kempeneer who worked in Italy in the suite of Polidoro da Caravaggio.

Inside the frames decorated with flowers, fruit and joyful figures, there is the portrayal of eight scenes from the Judaic-Roman war for the conquest of Jerusalem fought by Vespasiano and his son Tito, according to the writings of Giuseppe Flavio in De bello Judaico.

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