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Church of S.Maria del Gesł

  • Church of Santa Maria del Gesł
  • Church of Santa Maria del Gesł
Church of Santa Maria del Gesł

It is one of  the most significant churches of  the city. It was realized in the first half of the sixteenth century, in late-gothic style, on an already existing chapel dedicated to Saint Mark, paid by the State for the “Frati Francescani Minori Osservanti”. On the main façade there is a splayed ogival portal. On the side entry of Via San Pietro, there is an interesting fifteenth century art work representing the Announcement. Inside, the church has a nave and two aisles with a wooden truss roof, where you can find important sculptures: a fifteenth century “Madonna con Bambino”, made in glazed terracotta by the Tuscan Andrea Della Robbia, located in the left apse, under a marble baldachin by Antonello Gagini (1516), and a marble ciborium of the sixteenth century by the same artist. The coat of arms of  the Ciambra family is on the left of  the entry.

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