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New Cemetery

The new cemetery gates are by Consagra (1920-2005). They are inspired respectively by Riferimento all’unicità – reference to uniqueness and to the Riferimento all’irripetibile – reference to the unrepeatable. The two gates, flat and engraves conserve recurrent characteristics of works by  the artist. The flatness, in particular returns to the concept of Frontal Sculpture, elaborated and amplified in that of the Frontal City which Consagra followed in his artistic research.
Inside the cemetery, near the entrance there is the tomb of the same Consagra, who died in Milan in July  2005 at the age of 85 and buried in Gibellina On his own wishes. The artist, originally from Mascara, was one of the main founders of the abstract group Forma 1. he was much loved by the people of Gibellina, who recognises his great contribution to the rebuilding of the city. His tomb is always covered in flowers.

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