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The square is dedicated to Joseph Beuys, a German artist who was in Gibellina in 1981. On the right one can note four mosaic panels, entitled Lo spazio della parola-The word space (2001) realized by Marco Nereo Rotelli with the group  Art Project on the occasion of the Orestiadi 2001 fragments of poems can be read. The work by Rotelli is characterised by its research of possible mixtures of  different forms of art and on the relationship between art and poetry. This  installation, in particular, is a homage to poetry from west and east in which the words of Tawfik, Sanguineti, Luzi and Bonnefoy, are written on a luminous background dedicated to the theme of the sea.  Another four mosaic panels by  Bruno Ceccobelli, entitled La vera medicina è l’eternità - The real medicine is eternity (2004). With this mosaic, Ceccobelli wishes to adulate the dimension of the a-temporality in a research dedicated towards the interior of the individual. 

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